Naval Academy’s AUV Team Project


[Daniel] sent us over to the blog for the Naval Academy’s Autonomous underwater vehicle entry for the AUVSI competition. You can follow along as they design, build, and test this years entry. It really looks like it would be fun to be the guy who gets to swim with them, like in the latest post in their blog. Their entry, named “Awkward turtle” can be seen above in orange, pictured with their 5th place winning previous entry.

10 thoughts on “Naval Academy’s AUV Team Project

  1. I remember competing in the AUVSI competition last year, and I remember the USNA perching the submarine, the hull (A pelican box) open and working on the internals, and accidentally dropping the opened sub in the water. I hope you’ve solved that problem!

  2. Looks like Naval Academy’s control systems are going well, horizontal control in particular looks very stable while moving.

    to bad there aren’t any videos showing their machine vision but I guess it still a bit early for that, god knows most of my team’s MV work will happen this summer as well :P

    shameless self promotion:
    ARISE Team AUV (will post our auv control systems test hopefully sometime after exams)

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