Controlling Spykee Via Web Cam Using Your Fingers


[epokh] sent in this cool project where he wrote some custom code to control the Spykee robot using gestures. He filters out everything but green through his web cam, then wraps his fingers in green tape. He then runs a series of filters to clean it up a little bit. The resulting “blobs” are tracked and converted to motor commands. You can see the setup in action in the video after the break. This guy might look familiar, as we posted a super quick head tracking rig he did with legos recently. Some of you mentioned, in the comments, that the legos were a waste, you’ll find that he thought so too, and ended up fabbing a simple rig to take the place of the legos.


13 thoughts on “Controlling Spykee Via Web Cam Using Your Fingers

  1. That video shows absolutely nothing other than the fact he can’t smile on camera, why use that one in the article when the other two exist and show a little of what he’s doing?

  2. LEGO is a company that make plastic bricks that fit together… (commonly known as LEGO pieces)

    “brickOS [Formerly legOS] is an Open Source project that provides a C and C++ programming environment for the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Kit, allowing the owner of such a kit to program in good old-fashioned C instead of the standard Lego Programming Language.”

  3. Well he was giving you guys what he was doing with his fingers as a example then youre suppose to watch the following videos of spykee in action using his finger movements.. I caught on to it.. anyone else……..? Pretty cool be even cooler if you put it in a constructive application setting..

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