Portable Coil Pistol


[Daniel] had to have runaway in his mind when he built this coil gun. It’s hand held, holds 14 42 gram rounds and can propel them at speeds of 110km/h. Of course when it is battery powered, you have a 90 second warm up time between shots. It can also be used while plugged into a wall socket, which reduces the charge time to roughly 3 seconds. Great job [Daniel].

[via engadget]

57 thoughts on “Portable Coil Pistol

  1. The internet isn’t for kids. For fuck sake, don’t ruin our fun, vibrators are awesome, as are guns, as is innovative technology.

    Hell, out here, Mars are claiming they’re reducing bar size (but not price) to ease things for fat people. Sure it’s really just so their profits go up but honestly, fat people and kids (AND ESPECIALLY FAT KIDS) ruin it for everyone.

  2. Here’s a little bit of info for those of you who are worried about the evil of guns and don’t know basic kinetic equations like force, the projectiles will only have 19.6 Joules of force at muzzle velocity. As the projectile travels from the muzzle this will drop off, but as we only have muzzle velocity we can only guess what it will be at 10, 20, etc. meters. For a comparison an average bb is 5 grains (0.0003 kg) and has a muzzle velocity of 800 ft/s (243.84 m/s) for 15.42 Joules of force. Basically this is a bb gun without the penetration of a bb.

    Awesome project though!

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