GPS Logger With Wireless Trigger


[Matthew] sent us his group’s final project, where they built a nice GPS logging system. Not only can it simply log the GPS coordinates on a predetermined interval, it can also be triggered to make an entry by a wireless device. In this example, they use a camera. This allows them to then upload all the GPS information and pictures to places like Google Earth.

They are using an ATmega644, with an LCD, SD card, and GPS unit. They had to do a little hacking on their camera to add the wireless transmitter, which triggers the logger. You can see not only the cost break down and source code for the project, but also a map with lots of geotagged photos. This is the kind of thing we can almost see as a standard item in the future.

7 thoughts on “GPS Logger With Wireless Trigger

  1. This is an awesome project, and is very interesting to our line of work. What I like about is not necessarily the camera but how it could be applied for other needs. What I would like to see is how we could increase the duration of the battery life… And how we could have the transmitter emit a pulse for the duration of the trigger i.e. as long as you hold down the “button” pulses are sent at determined intervals.

  2. Has anyone hear built a GPS logger that is triggered and can calculate GPM through a flow switch? also would have a key pad that would enter a number to differntiate waypoints or lines?

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