Fancy LED Invitations


We would be thrilled to get something like this in the mail. What you are looking at is the inside of probably the coolest invitation ever to be mailed. This LED array was enclosed in a mirrored box so all you could see were the lit LEDs. This was then inserted into a hole all the way through a catalog. You’ll have to see the pictures on their site to get the full effect. Only 40 of these were sent out, so we probably won’t get a chance to play with one ourselves. They mentioned that the first prototype was soldered by hand, just to make sure everything worked.

[via Moritz Waldemeyer]

26 thoughts on “Fancy LED Invitations

  1. “and where it was held in place by 4 invisible magnets”

    Whooo! Where can I buy those invisible magnets! :)

    Don’t get me wrong! I think this is a really cool invitation.

  2. ^at the invisible store…. its over there>

    now somebody make this like 4’x4′ and multi-touch capable so i can put it on my wall and people can digitally finger paint their name in leds… or better yet, the mirror could just show an led reflection/representation of whos in it by capturing from a cam in the frame

    i know you guys can do it… i have faith in ya
    til then ill be invisible window shopping

  3. Hackaday… what the hell. It was bad enough when you let people start posting crap just to get more hits, but.. you seriously don’t make them spell check their posts? inivation? As in Innovation?

    Ugh, this site went from solid, quality posts to Walmart style high volume with no quality control.

  4. Yeah, Philippe Starck (the guy in ‘the pants’) is a bit of a douche on most occasions. Although, I suppose a few decades of having industrial designers begging to wipe your ass for free does funny things to your brain…

  5. the only really cool thing is how densely they packed the leds, turning them 45deg. otherwise, I think the time e-ink thing has it beat. also, yesterday I sent out dinner invitations using a massive network containing thousands of computers that delivered my invitations in less than 2 seconds. “the technically most advanced and most elaborate invitation ever.” <– my ass

  6. “Guy Marsden’s entry to Wired Magazine in 2000 was cooler I think…”

    Yeah too bad Americans are too freakin’ paranoia nowadays with their non existing al-qaida that such packages are not able to be shipped probably.


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