La Guitare à Crayon


As with most electronic musical instruments, we saw this in the tip box and expected the usual random noises to show off the instruments range. Consider us pleasantly surprised. They cut strait to it and showed us what la Guitare à crayon really is. It is an instrument of both audio and visual art. You draw while you play.  The guitar appears to have a wacom attached to the front where you would normally strum. different areas of the wacom seem to effect the music much like a string being plucked. In one of the videos we see some fret board action as well. Watching the screen, we can see that she is drawing a picture, and we are in fact hearing that picture being drawn. The site has a section for source code, but states that it will only posted if there are requests. We are officially requesting it, we want one. May we suggest some improvements? Get some color variation, possibly opacity too. Gimp can do it with the wacom. We can’t wait to see how this project matures. How about another video? Watch it after the break.


15 thoughts on “La Guitare à Crayon

  1. this thing is pretty nice… keep it up.

    “…and expected some circuit bending. Consider us pleasantly surprised.”
    —does HaD dislike the circuit bending stuff?

  2. There a lot of wonderful, mind blowing hacks out there, and even truly “artistic” ones. However, this one appears to be simply dumb. I know, I know, everything can be classified as “art” nowadays, but this is simply random noise, both visually and acoustically.

  3. This doesn’t seem like it would be terribly difficult to achieve; At it’s most basic form, it appears to be a combination of a drawing program, and something along the lines of a kaossilator-type instrument. Although, major props for creativity, and I would like to see how she integrated the fretboard into this, as it does appear to have some affect on the sound.

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