Batcave-style Entrance (on A Budget)


Want to enter your hidden lair in style? Well [Jimmy] simply wanted to create a cool prop for his school’s homecoming dance. This project includes some obvious inspiration from Wayne Manor. [Jimmy] wired up the automated entrance with a 12VDC motor. In order for it to be able to push the door , the motor had to be attached to a gearbox, which directly powered a wheel. Current consumption issues were solved by using a wall-wart. Because a real bookshelf would still be too heavy, [Jimmy] dressed up a regular door with some patterned wallpaper to give it the right look. Coupled with a Shakespearean bust concealing the button, and some other cosmetic touches, this project was sure to impress any student who knew its secret.

8 thoughts on “Batcave-style Entrance (on A Budget)

  1. @agent420

    I was in the process of making my own bust, which I already had the materials for, when someone said they bought one to save time because Homecoming was a Month earlier this year – I have no idea what they paid for it, but I do know that half of the class has asked to buy the thing

    to make one from scratch, one only needs a hack saw, casting resin (such as Alumilite), a mold of some sort (Silicone Rubber, Plaster, etc), a origial form or someone who does really good wax sculpting (the original is not ruined in this method); and if available a Vacuum Pump to remove air bubles from the resin making it stronger

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