Laser Triggered Photography


Popped balloons or bullets fired into apples, anyone can photograph with a quick sound based camera rig. Lasers have been used forever in motion detection. And even door bell chimes have been used before for remote camera shutter releases. No, [SaskView] wanted to go further and created his Laser Triggered High-Speed Photography setup, to photograph (of all things) milk splashes. We liked the simplicity of the project however;  requiring no programmed microchips or overly complicated circuitry – rather he took a quick trip to the local dollar shop, used the amazing CHDK firmware, and he produced perfect results every time.

[Update: CHDK, not CHKD firmware. My mind must be elsewhere. Thanks jbot and agent smith]

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  1. If you have an interesting project to post on the web, please reconsider using

    The site has become rather annoying with their tactics to get readers to pay for their content. If the means of asking for payment were fair, I wouldn’t complain, but the recent use of javascript overlays goes above and beyond what I would consider fair.

    If you do post using that site, at the very least you will have lost me as an interested reader for the above reasons!

  2. @signal7: Just register, and most of it goes away instantly. I cannot begrudge them trying to make money off the amazing system they have put together for those wanting to display how clever they are. Plus, if they can’t afford to pay the staff, then the world will lose a great collaborative tool, and we will all go back to non-interactive diagrams and piss-poor blog pages.

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