Building An IR Receiver For The Popcorn Hour C-200


[Linuxworks] has posted a writeup on how to build an IR module for the popcorn hour c-200. We weren’t familiar with the popcorn hour c-200, so we had to look it up. It seems to be a media center pc sort of thing. We’re not reviewing the unit itself, since we’ve never used one, so we’ll just get back to the mod. The device uses an RF remote, which some people didn’t like as much. Luckily it has an expansion port which can be utilized to get IR signals into the machine. [Linuxworks] has used a cheap IR sensor and a standard headphone plug. He notes that equipment passing power through these plugs should be turned off before plugging them in or removing them as they short momentarily during insertion.

10 thoughts on “Building An IR Receiver For The Popcorn Hour C-200

  1. Why would anyone not like rf (other than it doesn’t accept your universal remote signal…)

    The popcorn hour is an AWESOME ‘cheap’ htpc option. it’s a much more refined all in one box than the made-in-china ones you get from places like dealextreme.

  2. I have an old PCI TV tuner and video capture card that came with an IR remote control (“WinFast TV 2000 XP”). The receiver plugs into the card using a stereo 3.5mm mini jack connector as per the above post, but with a different pin assignment: +5V is on the tip, data out on the ring and 0V on the sleeve. This ties in with what Till suggested, for probably the same reasons. :-)

  3. I haven’t done any testing on the C-200 yet but I own 2 of the A series devices and until recently didn’t realize how bad they are. The little WD player that has been popping up plays everything I toss at it unlike the PCH.

  4. I built one out of a logitec usb mic/headphones piece. just riped of the mic and connected the data and ground to the mic inputs and the power to another spot on the little pcp. and now we have an amplified usb ir receiver that works well. I haven found any good software to utilize it so i hope if i finish reading I cal learn something about their linuxbox setup.

  5. hmm 2 days and still my comment with link is not showing up, guess its too much for a mod to click “accept” on it. How about a disclaimer “We will NOT post any comments with links cos we cant be bothered to screen them”?

  6. C-200 : Did the mod with a winfast tv2000 ir sensor I had hanging around. Just cut and crossed red and white, soldered…job done. Works with the standard a110/b110 remote too…bonus…..

  7. I can confirm that on a Winfast TV 2000 Expert PCI TV tuner Card, the polarity between Data and Vcc is reversed.

    In this case the right order is:
    Sleeve – GND
    Ring – DATA
    Tip – +5V (Vcc)

    Anastasios Zafeiropoulos

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