Guerilla Theater Hits Two Wheels

[Tom] wanted to take the show on the road so he added lights to his bike using theater grade control hardware. The picture above shows three tail lights comprised of 195 LEDs. Built on perf-board, a DMX512 controller can display several patterns on each module. The lighting technician (bike pilot) controls the patterns through a series of switches on the handlebars. There’s several pages of details posted including schematics and firmware. This would bring a little extra fun the next time you ride in a Critical Mass event.

5 thoughts on “Guerilla Theater Hits Two Wheels

  1. This is so far from a hack…he’s using commercial hardware. What part of this is hacky? Putting it on a bike? I used to bike around with 4 LED PAR cans for headlights and taillights. It was run by a car battery and an inverter, controlled by DMX, and I would never consider it a hack. Congratulations to this guy, he can buy stuff and rtfm.

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