PS3 Hacked!

There is very little information out at the moment, but [geohot] has successfully hacked the PS3 to have full read and write access, bypassing the Hypervisor. At the moment he’s not revealing the exploit, but with this knowledge it wont be long before the PS3 finally gets whats coming. Keep track of [geohot’s] progress on his twitter, @geohot, and blog.

[Thanks Jack, Julio, Jeremy, Squisso, and Vor]

72 thoughts on “PS3 Hacked!

  1. When you ask in comments if someone sucks dick don’t expect anyone with moderate or better intelligence to take you serious. Sure you were just skeptical, but it was more suggestive than just skepticism. Especially when you start using internet troll linguistics to try and stress your point.

    There are literally millions if not hundreds of millions of skeptics.

    He’s proven his skills beyond hacking consumer electronics, you should go look at the stuff he did before the iphone, it was good enough to yield tens of thousands of dollars in scientific awards and grants.

    Intelligent people are the real non-conformists in this world, if this wasn’t the case places like 4chan and internet trolls would cease to exist on such an epic scale.

  2. @anon: I was bored..I thought I’d give in to the trolling for entertainment

    I’m not skeptical because I know his exploit works, you can do the same thing on x86 and other PPC platform with no ECC on RAM, and I’ve seen the upper 2MB, ROM, and locked-active SPE.

    IBM themselves even document the functionality he uses once inside the privileges LPAR in the initialization doc. Privileged PPE code can kill even that locked SPE and reuse it. His work checks out, it’s only questionable if backups and Sony firmware will be used because it requires leaked keys, he can already run code and access GPU, and it’ll work on SLIM too with a mod chip on the XDR bus.

  3. Geohot is the new Dark Alex. I may have to consider buying a used PS3 once homebrew is fully established. I look forward to the memories of my PSP with custom firmware.

    @minxo You definetly know your stuff. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

    @shazzner Maybe you’re on the wrong website if you think this is “nerdy”.

  4. Sure, he doesn’t want to release the exploit but because he is not doing this a lot of people are less likely to believe him.

    The other thing I am seeing here is the usual hidden (‘I want stuff useful for pirating’) kind of encouragement, just like on emulation forums when someone ups new screen shots but does not give a binary or source.

    Encouragement is a good thing. Do not expect anything for it.

  5. this is great and all…. but i have a interesting question and yeah sure i can Google or “search” for this but … is there an actual consumer source for a fully functional Cell CPU and a breakout board for experiments?
    Or just some thing not priced in
    the multi-thousand dollar range like a server blade?

    And Kirov …save your flames for slash-dot

  6. Too late, the gaming industry has discovered that the only way to keep their games secure is incorporate the ‘online’ element. We’ve already seen what’s happened to the xbox exploit. The days of pirate gaming are quickly coming to a close. It was fun while it lasted. Still, seeing hypervisor owned, that’s priceless! Like when the Master Control Program fell in the movie TRON. Be interesting to see what comes of all this.

  7. @MysticShadow

    while i understand the human urge to keep things to oneself, this is a creed we should all live by.

    kudos to you good sir knight.

  8. that something bad bacuase you can hack the ps3 like that you put a dvd that is empty and you put from your computer emulartor for ps3 and then you put it in the ps3 then the ps3 is going to say if you whant hack this sistem if you whant to hack your go to google then put free ps3 emulator free to download..then put the dvd then download the thing for free

  9. I would like to know is the perpose of hacking the system other then the cool factor. I hardly have enuff time to enjoy it for what it is then to do some of the stuff I here about. Is it to do what the game genie did in the 80’s. Or to use the system as a cheep tool for other reasons? I’m just asking becouse I would like to learn more.

  10. I’ve had my PS3 hacked for months. Not like I’m going to give it to anyone else. It was a lot of work.

    Currently on 4th Prestige for COD MW2.

    You’ll know it’s me when you play and there’s someone with 20+ kills and maybe one death.

  11. It wont take long before the team working for sony on the crack, recrack it and you’ll all be left with lots of copied games/usb and nothiong to play them on. if you dont pay the price you wont get the games. use your loaf’s lads and girls.
    winners dont use drugs.

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