Gorgeous Portable N64 Built To Order

[Hailrazer] is at it again with a new portable N64 build. He’s done the impossible by improving upon his last design. The LCD screen is now mounted flush for a cleaner and smaller case. The controls draw from a lot of different sources; a gamecube stick for durability, a 3rd party N64 controller for buttons, and a PlayStation controller for the shoulder buttons that serve as L, R, and Z (either hand). There is a breakout box that allows two controllers to be plugged in. Combine this with the TV out feature and it acts as a console or a handheld. His in depth demonstration is embedded after the break.

The build log (linked above) details every part of the hack so that you can try to do this yourself. The relocation of the expansion slot requires patience and solid soldering skills. The case work is an art in itself. We speculate that this commission comes somewhere close to $1000 but it’s hard to put a price on quality craftsmanship. We’ve seen smaller, but these features and finished look can’t be beat.

[via Engadget]

59 thoughts on “Gorgeous Portable N64 Built To Order

  1. listen i am kinda confused on this but i would love to buy one of those portable 64’s. when my son turned 10 i got him a nintendo 64. he loved. it will be his birthday in a few months and i would love to get him something memorable but not cheesy. i would greatly appreciate it if you would allow me to buy one of these. this is my email: rinto51@gmail.com. please please email me so we can settle a deal

  2. oh man, i hope the one i’m making turns out a quarter as nice as this one, i just recently started doing this as a new hobby. what im gonna do is cut up the n64 case a bit and remake its shape and size, and (maybe if its thick enough haha) take some plastic off of a broken printer i have that i got for free and use it for any excess i need to cover… wish me luck please! =D

  3. Hey Hailrazer. I have seen many of your awesome portable N64s and would like to buy one. I am able to send a N64. Again, of all the N64s that I have seen, yours are by far the best. Thats why I am only asking you. I also understand that you must get annoyed by people asking for one, like me, and im sorry if this annoys you. I have been looking to buy one for a while, but all of them are like $370. On one of your videos I also heard you say you had one ordered. Please email me and lets please make a agreement.
    Email: stefanie1@charter.net

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