Storage For Your Hacking Needs

Sometimes your project needs a lot of non-volatile ROM, right on cue [Matthew] let us know how to not only connect, interface, read, and write to SD cards with a PIC over serial, but also how to do the above mentioned with an old PATA HDD. For those without a PIC/serial connection don’t fret, [nada] let us know about his Bus Pirate SD card hack, of which our personal favorite part is the creative use of an old 5.25″ floppy connector as the SD card socket.

18 thoughts on “Storage For Your Hacking Needs

  1. The SD/Floppy connector trick has been around for quite a while now with the old WRT54G DD-WRT mod using it for SD card expansion. Infact, I thought that was on hackaday? lol

  2. The PATA library is very good: This gives me a thought: with 320GB laptop drives so cheap right now, why not make a 500 song jukebox without bothering with the MP3 format or any compression at all. A PIC could easily handle reading the raw audio off the drive and forwarding the data to an amp via I2S or something similar.

    I wonder how difficult it would be to rip an audio CD with the same setup and make a self contained system.

  3. Is this even useful??? It says in their FAQ that Jalib supports only 10, 12 and 16 series of PICs (I can’t understand why Jaluino works with a 18F4550 though). And I hate Jal…

  4. Man, I wish I would’ve packrat-ed that 5.25″ drive, so many uses out of that and an old dot matrix printer.

    @nes – I would love to have a music player that can handle raw audio without it being my Droid.

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