Get Serious About Building A Sequencer

This is the fourth generation MIDIbox sequencer which has a features set that’s several screens long. We’ve embedded the teaser video of this 16-track marvel after the break. You can use it via a traditional MIDI connection or with USB. Standalone Ethernet features are also in the works. It’s fully documented and you can etch your own PCB if you’re brave but it might be easier to get in on the group PCB buy if you just have to have one of these. There’s no all-in-one kit, but that will just make the taste of success sweeter once your soldering iron cools down.

[Thanks Juan]

55 thoughts on “Get Serious About Building A Sequencer

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  4. Nice job! While I agree with many of the posts above, sequencers such as these are not functional enough for live performance, they have their place none the less. To those whom say studio work is inefficient with a hardware sequencer has obviously never used one. While other hardware such as the monome may promote an easier work flow they weren’t always around so it was up to sequencers not unlike these to form ideas or even concrete parts for musical segments. Since it is MIDI-based, the only limit to what you can do is the amount of time you’re given as well as your imagination. Nice demo video, but I would have liked to hear some less cheesy sounds (no offense, they sound like typical midi) as well as seeing if it runs smooth enough for chopping up breaks. Overall, great work!

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