TOBY: Reel Mower Bot evolved

[Grayson Sigler] rolled out a new version of his robotic mower which he calls TOBY. The previous design added motors to a reel mower but he had trouble with traction. The new design is more of a utility robot platform that is used to tow the reel motor behind it. With better wheels, a much more stable base, and plenty of power this is a significant improvement.

His parts order came since we last checked in and he now has RC fully implemented. Check out the video after the break.


13 thoughts on “TOBY: Reel Mower Bot evolved

  1. I’m beginning to think this is pretty racist. everyone remembers the scene from roots “Your name is TOBY” and he does mention on his site that this robot is his “slave”.

    if nothing else, this is just going to be evidence against us when the robots are demanding rights too.

  2. Now they just need to plant some grass & we can see how the mower actually works. Right now I’d call it a weed rover. ;-)
    Great build, great idea, horrible landscaping skills. I’d trade some of my lawn care skills for your robot building skills anyday though!!

  3. @TheBadFrog

    it is a skill… you have to know about different species of grass and their attributes and soil composition. Then you have to figure out the best blend of seed / ratio for that type of soil. watering is also a skill when trying to grow grass. You have to have great patience, and mist it on for hours, otherwise you’ll spray the seeds and they’ll clump together in small imperfections in the surface leading to uneven surfaces later.
    not to mention tilling and working the soil prior to planting for an even surface. making a gradient if that’s what you desire…
    your lawn must look like the one in the vid.

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