Power Drill Solder Spooler


[Scott] over at curiousinventor.com has posted an instructable detailing how to use an Arduino and a power drill to spool solder. The Arduino senses the speed that the drill is going via an opto interrupter and a laser and adjusts with a servo hooked to the trigger. While we don’t think many people will be dying to spool some solder, this system might be useful for all kinds of things, like winding yarn or making coils.

21 thoughts on “Power Drill Solder Spooler

    1. @why re-spool it?
      You can see that the big spool is, in fact, big. That probably wouldn’t be very convenient to actually use. Smaller spools can be popped in a pocket/ toolbox and much easier to use. Doesn’t seem like that odd of an action to me. I don’t solder enough to need to buy in bulk though.

      also, curiousinventor.com has a store in which smaller quantities of solder are sold.

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was driven by a hackerspace of some kind doing a group buy of a large solder spool, and then breaking it up so it’s actually usable by the group.

  2. I’m willing to bet the guy has an electronic class or sorts, so it is cheaper for him to purchase the 10/20lb rolls, and make tiny ones for students, rather than purchasing the tiny rolls.

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