Student Soaker, Wireless Water Gun


As far as pranks go, [Austin Shaf’s] wireless hidden water gun is a real treat. The video above goes over a brief explanation and shows the setup in action. The prankster holds onto a wireless AVR remote, and when the unsuspecting victim walks by, he activates a second AVR controlling a pump; spraying water everywhere.

While most of us are out of school by now, the project would still be a fun office or perhaps street prank. If you’re one for registering, schematics and source code can be found at AVRFreaks. Alternatively, check after the jump for a copy of both.

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25 thoughts on “Student Soaker, Wireless Water Gun

  1. And now they work again, this is a really odd problem that seems to occur only here.

    If I try to visit the direct link of the image that does not work in the beginning unless I try to access the paths directly and then refresh.

  2. did this a long time ago with an old card alarm a video tripod and a airsoft machine gun

    use the car alarm with a motion sensor ( armed with the keyfob) use the siren output to a relay to trigger a doorlock actuator ( the aftermarket ones) that was clamped to the trigger of the airsoft — armed up the alarm st the tripod up near the door or hallway set the outer and inner motion trigger and blast away an the thieves that came near my stuff!!! of course it was not amed at the suspects face – only the lower half of the body

  3. ok, options for next thing to build. Giant remote controlled elephant with a pigs head, eye patch and buck teeth. oh, it also shoots water balloons from a trap door in its back and poops out old sticks of ram. Second Idea, water balloon mini gun? 3rd- spanish speaking hamster on tricycle that drives around asking for directions in spanish? 4th- build a min Tesla coil into a door handle. Need any more? let me know!

  4. Don’t you think the ATMEGA8 is a little bit of an overkill?

    By the way.. What’s a NPN MOSFET? I only know NPN BJTs and N-channel MOSFETs. Is this like a crossbred of these two? :O

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