GameBoy Advance Rapid Fire Hack

Ever find yourself in the middle of a Game Boy game and your hand cramps up?  Save that sore wrist for something else because now you can hack the Game Boy Advance to add Rapid Fire for the B button.  [William] has developed a way to do this by creating a simple circuit that generates a square wave on the B button when it is pressed.  To do this hack all that was needed was a short shopping list of:

  • A Couple NAND Gate ICs
  • 2n2222 NPN Transistor
  • 0.1uF ceramic capacitor
  • A Switch
  • 1M ohm resistor
  • Some Thin Wire

After that you’re off to the races as [William] documents how he goes about transforming the Game Boy Advance and includes a ton of great pictures and a schematic.  This operation ends with [William] placing the switch for Rapid Fire excellence next to the Right Bumper where it is inconspicuous and yet easy enough to access.

Via [HackedGadgets]

11 thoughts on “GameBoy Advance Rapid Fire Hack

  1. I remember taking the small autofire circuit from a joystick and putting it in my Amiga mouse, with an on/off switch, so I could have autofire on Star Wars.

    Ahh those were the days…

  2. A better way would be a small micro controller, have it monitor the backlight button. If it senses a button pressed while holding the backlight button down, it triggers auto-fire on that button. Same method for turning it off. Should only take the same number of parts and maybe a 3/4 extra wires.

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