A Tricycle Built For Plowing

What do you get when you combine two bikes, a couple levers, and a home made wooden shovel? Why, a light duty tricycle plow, of course! [Craig] of Firefly Workshop cobbled together this contraption to assist him in shoveling his 90′ driveway when a few inches fall. More convenient than a normal shovel, and much more environmentally friendly than his 8 Horsepower snow blower, this trike looks like it could actually make shoveling the snow fun. Not really much more here than meets the eye, we just wish we had a video to share of this sweet ride in action.

27 thoughts on “A Tricycle Built For Plowing

  1. @GottaBeThatGuy: You’re right, but for a driveway that long you could always do what real snow plows do and mount the plow on an angle so that it just shoves the snow to the right as you ride along. At that point, as long as the snow isn’t too deep at any single point, it should work fine.

  2. @Mitch: Ever heard of the philosophy that you work hard once so you dont have to a hundred times? That’s the whole drive behind invention and hacking.

    That said, I doubt this even really works. The tires would simply slip without modification, and as others have already pointed out, the snow would get too heavy too quickly without an angled plow.

    Bottom line. This is a cool idea, but needs some more modifications before it would work.

  3. @mitch

    yes, but you have to do it by hand every time now while this person only has to ride a bike from now on. its no more slacking then using a hammer instead of your fist to put in a nail is slacking.

  4. I’m sorry, what’s the point of plowing just a few inches? Where I am, a few inches can easily melt just from the sun even when the temperature stays below freezing. I don’t get why people bother shoveling it.

  5. Not to mention that this thing will back up into the mains so quick that you’ll be dead three times before you hit the ground.

    -so wear a helmet.

    In all seriousness, you can see the spot about a foot back where they started a small push for the photograph.
    Heck, If you timed it right it could be a photograph of it pushing hot lava.


    I’m beginning to think that HAD posts goofy stuff like this with no other intention than to raise the amount of clicks the site gets as we hackers spin up our keyboards in outrage.

    Meh. It worked on me. :|

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