8th ACM Conference On Creativity & Cognition Call For Papers


[Jim Davies] from the Association for Computing Machinery wrote us to let us know about a conference being hosted this fall, the 8th ACM conference on Creativity and Cognition. C&C 2011 has a lot to offer, providing an opportunity for artists, scientists, designers and educators to gather together and share their expertise via a series of group meetings, tutorials, and workshops.

We wanted to bring C&C 2001 to the attention of our readers as it is likely many of you had some level of interaction with your college or university’s local ACM chapter in the past. [Jim] wanted to point out that though the conference is slated for the first week of November, there is a deadline of April 25th for all papers and proposals. If you are interested in submitting something to the conference, it would be wise to get started soon.

The overall theme of this year’s conference is Creativity and Technology, which fits the hacking community quite well. Good luck to any of you who decide to give it a shot!

2 thoughts on “8th ACM Conference On Creativity & Cognition Call For Papers

  1. This looks pretty neat, would love to see some papers on how reverse engineering/hacking promotes innovation/creativity/progress of problem solving skill sets in a world that is increasingly dominated by human created objects, that instead of adapting to the natural environment we live in, we’re learning to adapt to what we’ve created. And of course, how certain copyright flaws are standing in its way.

  2. My senior project should be a shoe-in for this, it’s very much a blend of science, engineering and art. And my proposal currently has cognition in the title. Maybe it will end up on HaD? (details omitted to minimize expectation) (I should work on my senior project)

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