Motion Sensing Minecraft Creeper Will Scare The Pickaxe Offa’ya

[Chris] Writes in to tell us about his motion sensing, Arduino powered Creeper.  As if these buggers were not frightening enough in game, [Chris] had to go and make the closest (legal) real world facsimile.  The Creeper utilizes an Arduino Uno with a wave shield to playback creeper noises, PIR sensor to detect victims, and an RC car as a motorized cart. The creeper sits and waits for a signal from the PIR detector, when it sees motion the RC remote is triggered, Creeper noises played and (we assume) panic ensues.

We might have forgone the entire RC part of the toy car and found the H-bridge motor controller, but using the RC remote has potential. The whole triggering mechanism can be placed remotely allowing the Creeper to jump out from some kind of cover.

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A video of the creeper in action is available after the jump!


15 thoughts on “Motion Sensing Minecraft Creeper Will Scare The Pickaxe Offa’ya

  1. He decided to use what he had to make a fun homage to the game. Doesn’t matter if it’s flimsy or you hate Minecraft – he likes it, and he enjoyed having building it; and that’s the spirit of hacking.

  2. wow, awsome use of time, im glad there are people out there doing these things.

    @trolls,,Oh no how dare someoine use their time to do something you dont like instead of hanging around hackaday to complain about people using their time for things you dont like. If you don’t like it, then how about use your time to do a product to post here..if you have the skillz. Oh wait, maybe that is why all you do is troll.

  3. @IJ Dee-Vo
    Did you just troll, then anti-troll? I think that is a violation of the internet.

    Anyways, this project is OK, but kinda poorly done. Not that I could do any better with my resources, but still.

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