Motorcycle Turned Chicken Launcher

Those who frequently work with them will tell you that rubber chickens are actually pretty heavy. You’re not going to do much damage chucking them by hand and that’s why you need your own rubber chicken launcher. This most-excellent magazine-fed foul-flinger was built by artist [Sean Pace] as a senior project while working toward his fine arts degree at UNC Asheville. He reused the rear end of a motorcycle, purposing the spinning wheel to grab the birds out of an in-feed channel and fling them much like a mechanical football launcher would. It kind of makes us wonder if you could do the same thing with a pneumatic football launcher?

[Sean’s] contraption is built on a stationary base, but in the video after the break you can see it firing from a flatbed truck. Seems somewhat like a whimsical warthog if you’re a Halo fan.

[via Neatorama]

19 thoughts on “Motorcycle Turned Chicken Launcher

  1. In the case of the chicken itself, I do believe that the desired synonym is fowl, not foul. Although I do imagine that fresh rubber chickens would also smell fairly foul. The perpetration of a chicken bombardment might also be considered a foul deed. As well as a fowl one.

    1. It’s not free time. He was doing it for a degree. What you should have said was maybe ‘wish I was creative enough to come up with super fun and cool ways to achieve my goals’.

  2. I have a 36mm tall rubber chicken. Tube air launched or spit like cricket spitting, it could go far.
    Video fail massive shakes. Shoot several, watch, delete, then send. Can’t see the action on the launcher. Whats with the red things on the umbrella frame?

  3. @echodelta,
    The red things look like boxing gloves to me.
    I wish something had been mentioned about the target. For example, was it built by Sean as well?
    Or was it built by a another student as their Senior Project? What model of motorcycle was used? How many chickens per gallon (cpg) does the launcher achieve? Because it uses an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) does this qualify as a “fire”arm and therefore need to be registered and licensed? At least he won’t need a concealed weapons permit (unless he places a tent over it).
    Does the base of the launcher swivel? Was the flatbed truck borrowed or rented?
    Ink wiring mimes Juan two no.

  4. Sean did build the boxing glove target thing as well, i forget the name, but I believe he tells you in this video:

    This vid will also give you a closer and more detailed view.

    @Drew Hell yeah, I can see it in mad max 2 as the bad guys(if there are really bad guys in any of the movies, lol) would use it to screw with the group they’re attacking.

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