A Plotter Made from Lego Parts

We’re always amazed at what people can come up with using Lego parts, but this hack certainly pushes the limits. Originally conceived as a 3D printer, this plotter is still an impressive proof-of-concept. Ironically, this “3D printer” was build with the hope of winning a Makerbot 3D printer, so be sure to vote for it if you’re impressed.

it’s pretty impressive seeing what [graphmastur] has done using only Lego parts. It’s especially entertaining to see a sheet of Lego “grass” used as the Y-axis table. The build was designed in Lego Digital designer, and the parts are available in “LDD” format or HTML.

This project is explained further in the video after the break. If you’d like to simply see it do a plotting operation, fast forward to around 4:30. The device is not perfect, but as the video says “it worked, pretty well” when drawing a square with an ordinary marker.

9 thoughts on “A Plotter Made from Lego Parts

  1. @Will – If you right click on the video and choose ‘copy url’, you can paste that into the address bar and watch the video from the source. That works for this video on Windows 7 with IE 8.

    I agree, thought, it would be nice if HAD could get the embedded video to display properly.

  2. It’s pretty impressive. It certainly needs some fine tuning but it’s nearly there.

    Perhaps consider replacing the sharpie with a rollerball ink pen? Might roll across the paper a bit easier. It seems like the force of the sharpie is throwing things off a little.

    Good luck in the comp!

  3. @Caleb Kraft: Thanks for fixing the video.

    @Stevie: Sounds like a good idea on the rollerball. I might have to try that out. And it was more of how the Y axis was created than the sharpie itself, as it happened once without the pen there.

  4. looks cool!
    i think you could improve your design by building a better lead for the table so it won’t turn and add building it more stable so that the axes on the top won’t bend anymore.
    keep it up!

  5. Actually, there was a stress on some of the pieces too, so I won’t be using this triangle design. ‘m going to design it more like the cupcake cnc this time. I’m working on a substitute for the string. I’m trying to braid it into belts.

  6. what a joke dude I appreciate your efforts to pull this off with a nxt but seriously this is pretty micky mouse. if you like message me and I would be happy to help you get your hands on some parts for a cnc mill

  7. that thing reminds me of Fischertechnik stuff I played with in the 80s.
    I realy loved Fischertechnik because they also had robotic and nice electronic parts back then.
    If you don´t know about Fischertechnik have a look at:

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