RC transmitter does everything

[Demetris] sent in a tip about a project he’s working on: an Open Source Remote Control transmitter. This is one of the most impressive looking RC transmitters we’ve ever seen. The OSRC could be great for a small UAV – just get the GPS position from the aircraft and map it with the transmitter’s screen. There’s also support for a video downlink so flying around New York City is possible with a single device.

The transmitter/receiver combo are more actually referred to as transceivers. According to [Demetris], the radios on both the ‘ground side’ and ‘vehicle side’ can talk to each other on a 115 kbps data link on the 2.4GHz band. Sending commands and getting telemetry to something we’ve seen before, but never in a single integrated package. The expected range is in the neighborhood of 10 – 40 km.  The ground unit is based on a Gumstix board and has a 4.8 inch display. This really isn’t so much an RC transmitter but a computer that happens to control RC airplanes.

[Demetris] has had some success doing some professional development with Gumstix boards, so it looks like he has the skills to build a very nice R/C controller.

56 thoughts on “RC transmitter does everything

    1. The IndieGoGo campaign was created to raise funds for the prototypes. It didn’t and a long time has passed since then since the prototypes were created by our own budget. If you like it can be reactivated but i see no reason for it.

  1. Some of you guys are full of s*** and in regress, this HAS been made and it DOES function and he is in-fact going through with producing it. And I see where one of you claim to “just do it yourself” Phhhttt.. Lets see it then, otherwise your nothing but talk like the people you are poking at. This man is going to make a lot of money for this soon, as if you haven’t noticed, the drone market is exploding and getting more available with realized function and user ability. This sorta thing is exactly what will take it to the next step for average civilian use.

    Heres a video of the non existent radio….

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