Dumpster Hackers And Junkyard Makers Get Their Own TV Show


The Science Channel has a new show premiering tomorrow night that we think you won’t want to miss.

JUNKies takes a look at a group of junkyard engineers led by [Jimmy “The Junk Genius” Ruocco], who also happens to be the junkyard’s owner. From the trailer you can see below, the show looks like it will be pretty entertaining, combining the best parts of Junkyard Wars, Mythbusters, and even Jackass – with hilarious and interesting results.

The show includes crazy stuff that [Jimmy] and his crew piece together, as well as the creations of individuals that come by the shop looking for parts. When the crew is not busy concocting crazy machines, they seem more than happy to help random inventors and makers dig out just the right parts for their projects.

The show airs tomorrow night, 8/18, at 10 PM Eastern, so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

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27 thoughts on “Dumpster Hackers And Junkyard Makers Get Their Own TV Show

    1. have you looked in to cell internet or satellite internet its way better than dial up but the sat has a cap 5g i think and cell dose to unless you get unlimited a bit more$$$$$$$$. better than an hour trying to watch 20 sec clip. you could also try shotgunning your modems and get two phone line put in your house and a second dial number and modem for your computer.

      about the show looks sweat would love to watch it ill have to get a dvr. i work every day and its during thous hours :(

      1. Hughes Net has a 200 megabyte download daily limit before you get knocked down to slower-than-dialup speeds. You read that right 200 MEGABYTE. I browse a few pages then call it quits for the day. Never go with internet. Stay with dialup. It is not worth the price…I suppose it maybe worth it if dialup is not even available…but if you lived some place like that, I would guess internet would not really be a priority.

      2. Cell coverage in states like WY, ND, SD, MT is pretty much limited to major cities, towns and along major highways, the rest is static. Some rural telecomms still use telephone poles. and it is far too costly to expect DSL repeaters every 5 miles or whatever.

    1. Absolutely agree.
      Like every other piece of reality crap on television these days, I’m betting this will be produced/staged in order to appeal to the lowest common denominator of viewership.

      That said, I’ll still watch an episode or three. However, I’m guessing that a visit to the yard itself would be much more interesting and informative.

  1. haha italians and garbage… men in my family were salvage artists for three generations. compressors, drill presses, even a car my grandfather made out of two cars…

    my dad got out of it, but passed down the philosophy of “make it do something with stuff you already have” which is absolutely required in salvage hacking.

  2. I think I’d be happier without the “part jackass” description :-( (Still unhappy that the best venue for Robots involved battles on “the Comedy Channel”, too. Sigh.)

    1. yeah, I guess the networks feel they have to throw interpersonal tension into each episode to spice things up. It is wasted airtime of two people acting like jerks that turned me off to the Orange County Choppers show and the Boyd Coddington, Jessie James shows. Now Speed channel has two teams rebuilding a couple of junkers in 72 hours, and it has the same name-calling, arrogant personalities showing their ignorance.

  3. Junkyard Wars was the best, they even had Kryten for a host! One of my favorites was the T-Rex that ate brick walls and the football catapult that I KNEW wouldn’t work from the start.

  4. I have high hopes, but low expectations with regard to the longevity of it. Producers have to appeal to the greater audience, and hackers just aren’t typically a TV-watching majority. I’d love to see more hacker-iffic shows, but like many others before it they don’t last long.

    I’m happy to see more and more shows appearing on the streaming networks however – Revision3 has a couple, as well as others.

    1. Awe, accidentally reported this comment instead of replying.

      It’s not that we don’t watch TV, we just go out of our way to avoid watching the commercials they try to include ;)

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