Remote-controlled VMUSIC2 Audio Player


[Ron] was looking for a way to play his MP3s around the house without having to use his computer. He also wanted the ability to remotely control his tunes with an old camcorder remote he had sitting around – not exactly a feature you would find in an off the shelf personal audio player.

Ultimately, he decided to construct his own remote-controlled audio player using a VMUSIC2 audio module, which can decode MP3s from any standard USB drive. The VMUSIC2 is controlled by a Propeller demo board, which also handles receiving and decoding IR signals from his camcorder remote. While he was originally dumping ID3 tag data to his computer for debugging purposes, he recently added an LCD screen for displaying song information in a more useful manner.

The MP3 player seems to work pretty well if the video below is any indication, though it’s begging for a nice enclosure to tie things together. We like the project so far, so we’re sure [Ron] won’t fail to impress when it’s completely finished.


6 thoughts on “Remote-controlled VMUSIC2 Audio Player

  1. I use an old ATI all-in-wonder remote control and USB receiver for this purpose. LIRC-supported and it has great range, works all over my house. It’s actually an X10-protocol device…

  2. Since VMUSIC2 already contains a vinculum micro controller, using another one (especially something like propeller) is a strange decision.

    But hey, I’m only talking and he’s done it..

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