Halloween Hacks: Larger Than Life Costume Made From An Inflatable Lawn Ornament


[Brian] was trying to decide on a Halloween costume this year, and while looking through his lawn decorations, inspiration struck. In his collection he had a 9 foot tall inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and being a guy who likes to go big or go home, he knew he had to find a way to wear it.

The first task he had to tackle was ensuring that he could keep the display inflated while on the go. He was dismayed to see that the fan’s power supply was rated for 12v AC, but when he hooked it up to a DC power supply it worked just fine. While he had his speculations, he wasn’t 100% sure why it worked but he went with it anyway, connecting it up to a battery that would keep the costume inflated throughout the duration of a party.

With that out of the way, he focused more on the mobility of the costume, adding a clear window to allow him to see, along with tweaking a few other small items.

The costume looks great, and we’re sure that [Brian] is yet again the hit of the party.

27 thoughts on “Halloween Hacks: Larger Than Life Costume Made From An Inflatable Lawn Ornament

  1. That’s really cool, makes you wonder if there are any other similar inflatable lawn ornaments that could easily be turned into fancy dress / halloween scare costumes.

    That reminds me, digitally remastered Ghostbusters is in the cinemas for Halloween in the UK!
    I saw it 5 times in the cinemas when it first came out, gonna have to make it 6 :)

  2. It likely has a universal motor – the current feeds both the armature and field coils wired in series. DC/AC doesn’t matter because as the polarity reverses the magnetic fields also flip in tandem providing consistent torque in one direction.

    More importantly – Awesome costume. Real tempted to hit the stores tomorrow to see if I can find a good candidate for a quick version of that.

  3. This is beyond excellent! I’ve often wondered the best way to make a Stay-Puft costume but they all seemed to heavy or bulky. This is perfect.

    A decent Vigo the Carpathian would be a nice addition to this.

  4. That’s a great way to avoid intoxication as well as infection at social events while maintaining personal space! Maybe he can have a guest in there?
    I don’t think I’d be wearing this at a party, though. Actually using it as a lawn decoration and scaring passersby on the other hand…

  5. Actually this is a pretty cool costume for some parties I’ve been to lately. Everyone is sitting around texting and facebooking and looking expressionless.

    You really need a costume that allows you to grab girls, preferably in some outlandish and mildly alarming manner so they get scared at first and then start laughing.

    Maybe Brian could walk around with the costume uninnflated, find the best looking female and then pop the cork on about 20 co2 cartidges to get some “privacy?” ….lol

  6. Avoid duct tape, next year it will be allover the rest of the costume. Contact cement or Pliobond might be able to simply glue up all the mods.
    Inflation (good kind) use two wedge single fold bellows under each shoe. Non electric could run a hazmat suit in dead power sites. This would need a pressure relief valve, as fast walking would over inflate. This also solves fart damage, should it be big enough.

  7. I just finished my own version last week and went to a party on the weekend. I asked a local seamstress to help me out. She stitched in a vertical zip in the back for access and stitched the clear vinyl on the front. That way I was able to cut out the widow myself. I only cut three sides so I have a “privacy flap”. I used white gaffer tape to edge the window.

    It worked great and looked really cool. I was the last to arrive and put the costume on hiding from everyone. The room was silent when I walked in.

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