Slowing A Bopit So The Littles Ones Can Play Too

[Johnny Halfmoon] wanted to help out his three-year-old who was fascinated by the Bopit electronic game. In its stock condition it’s a bit too fast for the young one, so he cracked it opened and added the option to slow things down.

Above you can see the Bopit Extreme with the top half of the case removed. Although not hard to get open (there’s just 12 screws to remove) the spring-loaded appendages will fly apart when you do. He warns to pay attention at how they go back together.

There’s one axial resistor which affects the running speed of the game. [Johnny] desoldered this, replacing it with a circuit that toggles between that original resistor and a potentiometer. Now, one switch position allows for normal play, the other allows for adjustable speed based on the potentiometer position. Check out the results in the clip after the break.

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11 thoughts on “Slowing A Bopit So The Littles Ones Can Play Too

    1. The device yells out an action, and you perform it on the appropriate knobby-thing. It gets faster and faster until you screw up.

      “Twist it!” *twist knob*
      “Bop it!” *hit center button*
      “Pull it!” *pull pully-thing*

      That’s how I remember it anyway. I never had one, but a friend did. Seemed like a neat toy.

  1. Ended up with a nice circuit bend too – just add an audio jack and the sound kiddies would love it.

    Being able to speed up and slow down the voice is probably just as fun as the game for the little ones.

    Nice hack!
    – Kris

    1. This version has an audio jack by default.
      it was only introduced in the “extreme 2” version though.
      I remember when out school had one and I plugged the computer speakers into it.

  2. It’s an awful awful game. Hella addictive too for certain people.

    I’ve lost a friend or two to it over the years. Sitting in a darkened room with shouts of “TWIST IT!” “PULL IT!”

    At least I hope he was playing bop it not just satisfying he’s “angry-drunk” dad.

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