This CheerLights Display Has A Mind Of Its Own


[Axel] wanted to participate in the CheerLights project this holiday season, but not one to always follow the rules he decided to make his display a bit different than most others out there. While the lights at his house are synchronized with the CheerLights project, he programmed his Cheeriobot with a little added personality.

Normally, Cheeriobot is happy to follow the rest of the world, changing its colors whenever the Twitter feed dictates. If things are a bit slow however, Cheeriobot gets impatient and will send a tweet to @CheerLights on its own to ensure that it doesn’t display a single color for too long.

[Axel] also created a mode that turns Cheeriobot into a bit of a contrarian. The display’s “Rebel Mode” causes it to change colors when someone tweets, but it selects a random color instead of following the rest of the pack.

It’s definitely an interesting twist on the CheerLights project, and we really like the fact that it keeps things moving if the stream of tweets ever slows down.

6 thoughts on “This CheerLights Display Has A Mind Of Its Own

  1. Seeing the pix my gut level reaction was “follow” “rebel” was controlling light flashing patterns… that would make an interesting completely separate project… Should I try to sync up with my neighbors flashing lights or actively avoid syncing up with neighbors flashing lights… that would be fun to watch.

  2. Every piece of electronics should have a rebel/follower switch. Someday consumer AI will ship with a conservative obedience setting, and we’ll all be trying to figure out how to hack it to make our ‘bots more interesting.

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