The Most Evil Gift Ever

[form], a new user on the Hack a Day forums, was thinking, “what Christmas present i can send a friend, that would be really annoying?” We think he really hit it out of the park with this one. It’s a modified computer speaker that will play “explicit” audio until the power button is pressed 200 times and the light sensor is covered. When this present is unwrapped, the room will fill with sounds not suitable for children, the elderly, or those with heart conditions.

The build is based around an old powered computer speaker. Six Li-ion batteries from an old laptop provide the power, and a very simple circuit pulls sound off an SD card with the help of an ATtiny45.

The schematic for the build looks easy enough, and like a good builder, [form] included the source and HEX files. Sadly (or thankfully), there is no video of the gag gift in action; probably a good thing, because this seems like a great way to lose a friend.

30 thoughts on “The Most Evil Gift Ever

  1. Something tells me this thing will be smashed before anyone presses the button 200 times. That would be my first instinct anyway :)

    Especially since all it takes to trigger it again is to reveal the light sensor

  2. I would try the power button once or twice. If it wouldn’t work, i’d try getting to and killing the power supply. If this can’t be easily done, i’d smash the thing into piece, get to the power supply anyway, and kill it.

  3. How could one sacrifice those computer speakers for such an unthinkable project, I have had the same model for just over 12 years. HE IS A MONSTER. (but that is a rather clever project I must say, I doubt anyone would hit the power button 200 times, by that point they may as well crack it open and steal the batteries.

  4. My most evil gift. a kids piano electronic toy. I added an amplifier and better speaker so it was 5X louder, and added some big batteries inside it.

    Disabled the on off switch and gave it to my nephew. Remove the batteries and it keeps playing. Plus it plays a song that gets inside your soul and destroys it from the inside..

  5. Trololololing at the replies…you’re just making SkyNet stronger with your critiques…they will all be upgraded in future models, no doubt.

    I have a much eviler one that prevents shaking (earlier post)…I should post it ^^

  6. What a great gift. The giver gets to sit there with a smug look on his face for three or four seconds, thinking, “Oh man, I suuuure got him this time!” before the recipient dunks it underwater or smashes it.

  7. Funny but last year I came up with a prank that I want to do but my better nature stopped me.
    Get a small cheap Mp3 player and put some really soft music on it and then some really loud profanity laden dialog. Hook it up to an in car FM transmitter.
    Now get a friend from out of town to go into Best Buy ahead of you on Dec 24 and then you enter a bit later.
    Have your friend tune all the radios to your transmitter and crank them up to 11.
    Wait for the next track to start and watch the fun.

  8. Arrived at the victim today…
    He opened it in the kitchen, with his whole family around him! Haha…

    The plan was, they hear it from his room – but okay, so it was funny for all :)
    Surprisingly he did’nt smash it, and shut downed it according to the rules – So he can make another guy happy now.

  9. Hmm. And I just think of using water. That’s how electronic thives steal from Walmart using those dumb spider alarms. A cup of water drowns the speaker and ruins the electronics. Add a sprinkle of salt in the mixture and guarantee to kill shitty alarms pike this one.

  10. If someone pulled that on me…

    I would probably fail to Mythbusters/Marines levels of destruction.

    Since I don’t have high explosives on call, a blowtorch would probably work fine…

    Or just drown it… might not kill it but would muffle it…

  11. Didn’t mean to comment on this, ~ 2years after the fact … but I just found it.
    He sent this “gift” to his friend, for christmas … he can’t call them that anymore.
    The title should be more like: ‘how to lose friends by sending them gifts’ or some such nonsense.

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