Multiple Marble Machine Mayhem

marble mayhem

If you like marble machines, or if you simply like alliteration, prepare to be amazed. [Denha] apparently has had a lot of time to spare over the years, as the marble machine collection he’s amassed is quite incredible. Dating back to 2009, the collection includes relatively simple machines, like the one pictured at the beginning, to one that includes physical logic gates around 5:30.

Interestingly enough, even the “simple” one that consists of two mechanisms to lift the marbles and a slide has a trick up it’s sleeve. The slide is actually modular, so that you can use the same “pumping” mechanism with different slide designs. Not that this is the only “pump” design, the last machine featured a marble lifting mechanism with an ingenious linkage assembly that translates the motion of a motor into a sort of lifting hand.

If this wasn’t enough Maddness, there is another marble-lifting surprise awaiting you in the video after the break around 4:35!

12 thoughts on “Multiple Marble Machine Mayhem

  1. Up until the “logic gate” there was more ingenuity getting the balls up, than there was getting them down again. But still, inspiring work; gives you that “I wanna go and make something just like that” feeling.

  2. Wow… The craftsmanship that went into these is amazing! Great work.

    It brought out a bit of child-like wonder in me. If I had one when I started tinkering (back in elementary school) I would have watched this go for hours… until I eventually disassemble it to figure out how it worked. lol Kinda makes me want to build a few and give them to my niece and nephews.

  3. I’ve been following this guy for several years now, he never fails to impress me. The craftsmanship is incredible. He also builds audio stuff (synthesizers, filters, etc), you should check it out.

  4. I’ve been following Denha for a long time. His work is nothing short of amazing! He is also very talented at designing electronic circuits, esp. mixed signal synthesizers. Subscribe to his channel if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed.

    When I think of marble machines, Denha’s channel is what I think of first. FYI, Denha is not his real name… and not sure what Denha means.. but I associate it this way -> Denha = Awexome!

    1. They are brass tubes, and can be easily soldered with a soldering iron. He has a video about making the track pieces, and in the comments there are more details about the size of the balls and track width, etc..

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