Tank Wars: A Video Game Controlling A Physical Bot

[Joe] sent us an email to show off his latest build. Tank Wars is the beginning of a video game/robot hybrid. You control the tank via an iPad, telling it where to go and how to fire. You have real life targets, in this case another robot. When you hit your target, the interface is updated with game stats.  Currently, this is only a step past being a wifi controlled robot. [Joe] is working on making the game part of it a little more interactive.

The tank and the target are both run by Arduinos with RN-XV WiFly modules.  The tank has obstacle avoidance both forward and backward, which, from the video,  seems like it might make navigating a bit challenging at times. The iPad interface is just a web page, so it could really be used on any device. This is pretty cool, we can’t wait to see how he proceeds from here.


2 thoughts on “Tank Wars: A Video Game Controlling A Physical Bot

  1. This lines up with an idea I started putting together. I had been debating on using Bluetooth or Wifi after swapping the guts out of an RC Car I found at Goodwill. The RC used two motors, one for the engine and one for the “servo” steering. Saving their board since it has motor controls and a RF receiver. Either way this tank build has been helpful.

  2. yo hey… so, ok here it is free ideas hot and relative… im glad your bringing the game back to life, so to speak, i recently thoght up something at least as sweet i wonder what you think…. its a weather vein that when the wind guts hard ehough will start bloiwing bubbles.idealy no eectronics need unti;;! boom INFRA RED FOR THE bubblesn, not
    to menton a laser blaster mod, say tell the camer ]\to watch the bubbles pop when changes color by the laser or just play a sound

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