AVC From The Vehicle’s Perspective

Team 0x27 was the winner of this year’s AVC, the Autonomous Vehicle Contest put on by SparkFun Electronics. You’ll find video of the two runs from this entry (the third run did not finish). We love it that there’s an on-board camera recording both video and sound of the race from the vehicle’s point of view. They haven’t updated their team page yet but we’re sure they will once their done celebrating.

On the first run the team opted not to use obstacle avoidance, and here you can see it annihilating one of the barrels from the course (this is the second one it took out with hulk-like rage). These collisions didn’t keep it from finishing the circuit. On the second run it didn’t slam into anything. Because of the hoop-deduction (a bonus for threading the needle during the run) the official time came in at 2.08 seconds. Still, the unadjusted time of 32.08 seconds is a course record and beat the fastest finisher from the airborne group of compeititors. Nice.

Seriously, this video just cracks us up!

First Run (barrel annihilation):

Second Run:

4 thoughts on “AVC From The Vehicle’s Perspective

  1. It didn’t finnish the 3rd run cause it started about 6 feet behind the starting line and took out someone from another team. Damn near flipped the guy over backwards.

    1. I saw that, It was so fucking stupid of that team to start it behind the other vehicles. Everyone knew exactly what was going to happen and sure enough it took some guy out.
      Also i think they should have been penalized for hitting the barrels. The smaller vehicles cant just push them our of the way. Maybe next year SF will fill them with water

  2. One of the robots on the start line for the 3rd run had something on it that was jamming our GPS signals and a few others. We had to start behind the line. to have a valid signal to start. Unfortunately the robot charged towards the databus team and I was not able to stop it in time.

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