RC Truck Has Working Windows, Steering Wheel, And Much More

This truck is not simply a drive train and a radio module. Great care was taken to fabricate every part to work like a full-sized vehicle. NSFW WARNING: The forum on which the details have been posted is Russian and may have sidebar ads you don’t want on your screen at work. That being said, here’s the link (translated).

The build starts with a custom-made frame which looks like it’s aluminum. The gearbox is assembled from a huge number of parts, with power is transferred to the wheels through a proper differential. But hey, why not go that extra mile? The rope and hook hanging off the front are connected to a functional winch. The doors have windows that crank down, the steering wheel moves when the wheels turn, and where would this thing be without windshield wipers and headlights? Don’t miss the pair of demo videos after the break.

We remember seeing a pretty neat stirling engine come out of the same forums earlier this year.

Steering wheel demo:

Windows and wipers demo:

[Thanks Amnon via PopGive]

23 thoughts on “RC Truck Has Working Windows, Steering Wheel, And Much More

  1. not only impressed with the stuff mentioned above, but the working door handles with realistic “click” and even the seat bracket. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to open the hood by pulling the latch under the dash.

    1. Oh, I dunno. The original Niva has a cult following, because you’ll never find a more capable or reliable car at its price. Farmers and off-road enthusiasts love them.

  2. Yeah, the original forum thread is as posted by [ArtifTh], http://forum.rcdesign.ru/f98/thread224838.html .

    http://www.yaplakal.com/forum11/topic394162.html is just a crappy repost. Those nasty ads are present not just because it’s a Russian forum, but mainly because it’s yaplakal.com. :)

    Some interesting facts from original thread (I guess I can translate from Russian a little better, then Google :)

    The model’s body is actually made of used (waste) 5L/10L engine oil jerrycans. The oil is ZIC and Castrol, if you’re interested. :) All body parts are completely hand-made (!!!), with only pliers and a hammer!

    Other tools used are 40W soldering iron, propane burner, ordinary solder and orthophosphoric acid as flux.

    Cogwhels in gearbox are ready-made, he got them from an unknown ancient gadget. Others are custom-made.

    He also made a lot of accessories: a spade, an axe, a jerrycan and a jack (!), all in 1:10. Plus a fire extinguisher and a bucket in the same scale. And a beer keg… Interior detalization is also astonishing.

    That’s really crazy project. He put an insane amount of effort in it. I can say that it’s a real car. Just scaled down 10x. Almost all you can think of is present there and really works. Even the window raiser…

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