[Jason Scott] Throws Down A Preview Of His DEFCON Documentary


Let’s face it, we all love DEFCON. Even if you’ve never been there before, we think it would be a huge struggle to find a reader who hadn’t been enchanted by at least one of the many hacks and talks that come out of the conference every year. We’ll prove it to you in a second, but first let’s get to the business at hand. Internet historian and all around good-guy [Jason Scott] has set his documentarian skills on DEFCON and just published a nearly twenty minute preview of the film which will leave you with more questions than answers (that’s the point of a teaser, right?). He’s not new to this kind of work. We loved his film BBS: The Documentary and can’t wait to see what he’s managed to do when this is released in the new year.

Oh yeah… we were going to prove a point. Some things that came out of the yearly hacker conference which you probably drooled over after the fact include:

This is just a sliver of what this event offers. Should be fun to see all the stuff [Jason] got into that we never even knew about.

5 thoughts on “[Jason Scott] Throws Down A Preview Of His DEFCON Documentary

  1. wow, 45 minutes of download waiting…
    … for a trailer!

    back in the day, trailer clips aka sample clips
    were very low quality in hopes that
    everyone that clicked on it would watch it,
    thus driving sales.

    i was always under the assumption that
    people that are interested in a preview
    would also be the type of people
    that would not have the patience for a download

    personally, i rarely watch previews,
    unless i am unable to download said movie

    im weird like that

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