Hackaday Links: September 15, 2013


First a quick announcement. We changed our “Kickstarter” category to “Crowd Funding“. We get a huge number of tips about crowd funding projects. We’re always interested in details. If you’re trying to get your crowd funding campaign on our front page make sure you’ve shared as many gritty project details (development process, problems/successes along the way, etc.) as possible . We usually prefer if this is done in a separate blog post from the campaign page itself.

Here’s a peephole hack that purportedly cost four grand. It uses a full on DSLR for the peephole hardware. Add a motion sensor and maybe you’ll be able to learn the faces of the neighbors who live on your floor. [via Gizmodo]

[Matthias] tells us that support for Rigol DS1052E oscilloscopes has been included in the 3.11 version of the Linux Kernel. Prior to this, getting the hardware to work on Linux was a hack, and a buggy one at that. For what it’s worth, here’s confirmation that support was added.

A post about reverse engineering the FitBit Aria Wi-Fi scale was sent in by [Christopher]. This makes us wonder if you could patch into a digital scale, using your own electronics to spoof the FitBit version?

We always keep our paperboard six-pack carriers so that we have a way to transport our homebrew beer. But rolling into a party with this laser-cut beer caddy which [Daniel] designed looks a lot cooler.

Texas Instruments has an MSP430 Selection Guide (PDF) which we found interesting. The first nine pages or so are pretty much just marketing, but several pages of parametric tables found after that make for a great collection of data on the hardware families. [via Dangerous Prototypes]

[Antoine] spared no expense building a coffee table that showcases his old motherboards. The illuminated glass and wood art piece rang in at around $400 in materials. We’re a little more minimalist with our home decor. We still want something along the lines of this LED matrix version.

Speaking of LED matrices, [Mario] dropped off a link to his LED Space Invaders game in the comments of last week’s Game of Light post. What we can’t figure out is why so many people hesitate to send in a tip about their awesome projects?

10 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: September 15, 2013

    1. I think he means if you have a door which the outside of has to brave the elements (a normal house) then this hack would wreck the lens. Not very clear but from watching the vid “Fro Bro” seems to not have an entirely secure grip on sanity.

        1. I clicked on some of the other videos that came up, one being a very somber one what’s behind the fro. Because I rarely pay attention to the name of the photographer attribution,chances are I have seen his work and still wouldn’t recognize his name Jared Polin. Yea I agree with you what he meant when he said he lives inside.

      1. Yes, you’re right. It’s just an oddly worded sentence that jumped out at me when I was speed-reading for details; which is funny when read literally,

        Though if your front door is in an indoors common area, chances are good you’re leasing the property. And I doubt an owner would be happy about a tenant cutting a rather large hole in a fireproof metal door, then installing a non-fireproof PVC pipe through it. I’m not sure if it violates fire code, but it sounds like it might, and could cause problems for the owner during a safety inspection.

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