Crab-ble – A Table That Walks


Do you have a heavy kitchen table? Wish you could move it all by yourself? [Ekaggrat] set out to design one for this year’s Beijing Design Week back in September.

It’s based off of the awesome Strandbeest design by [Theo Jansen], and it looks great. [Ekaggrat] made several prototypes of the “Crab Table” out of ABS plastic, and was planning to make a full size one using bamboo rods, which were the theme of the design week. Unfortunately the team ran out of time and was not able to make the full scale model. The prototypes walk around all by themselves with geared DC motors, but the plan for the full size one was to simply be able to push it.

We’ve seen lots of walking tables before, but there’s just something about the mechanical beauty of this design that we love. It’d be heavy — but imagine it in chrome! Maybe just the plastic could be plated… Stick around after the break to see it scuttle about!

Now the only problem we see with giving your table crab legs is that it might just run off with your food since it’s shellfish…

22 thoughts on “Crab-ble – A Table That Walks

  1. Do you have a heavy table? Wish you could move it yourself? Then get 4 teflon slider pads and do so. Works on wood, tile and carpeted floors (for carpet, you need larger diameter pads). Wait, was that a hypothetical question to lead into a incredibly over complicated yet somewhat clever solution – oopsie.

    1. i’m not sure what you sound like irl, but somehow i have a feeling that when you normally talk everyone just hears a 2000hZ tone and gets tired of you and walks away. Go be jealous somewhere else, you’re not welcome here.

  2. That’s fantastic. I’m imagining a family sitting down to watch a movie, and everything’s totally normal except all the furniture is scuttling around on crab legs. The people crane their necks to see the screen as it moves in and out of view. The father turns up the volume to hear over the tapping of plastic feet.

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