Hackaday Links: December 15, 2013


Want to get a hold of a gaming controller attachment for iOS at a rock bottom price? [Dark GOD] learned that Amazon is closing out the Gameloft DUO Gamer hardware for $6 because the hardware is no longer supported by the operating system. He shows how to make it work using a Cydia app. [Thanks ProMan]

[Frank Zhao] had a cheap HDMI switch which had problems with a sagging power rail. His solution was to hack in a USB port to inject some power.

This security hack uses an Arduino with LCD screen to display a QR code. Scan it with an Android device and you no longer need keys! Here’s the code repo and a demo video.

It’s interesting to see how many places the WS28xx pixels are popping up. Here’s a crowdfunding campaign that uses a matrix of the pixels as a portable gaming display. Look somewhat familiar? We’ve seen [Retro Brad’s] earlier hardware (made to play Super Pixel Bros.) that used an LED module instead. This is probably a lot easier to drive since it uses serial data instead of multiplexing.

Next is some robot building inspiration. [IronJungle] has been hard at work building a rover that uses compass bearings for navigation.

We liked seeing a drop-in replacment uC for Ikea Dioder projects, but if you need more power under the hood, take command of those colored lights with a Raspberry Pi.

Those lucky enough to have access to a laser cutter will find this Inkscape extension for living hinges useful.

Finally, POTUS threw down the gauntlet, encouraging everyone to learn how to program by pointing them toward the Hour of Code program. We’ve long thought that everyone should have some level of coding education. Do you agree with us? Of course, getting something like this into schools is a monumental challenge, so it’s nice to see extra-curricular offerings. We also believe that Hackerspaces are among the best driving forces for getting kids a tech education. [via Adafruit]

8 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: December 15, 2013

  1. The “digipixel” kickstarter project is not using any of the smart WS2811/12 led pixels. He is using standard old regular rgb smd leds with some transistors and shift registers just like any ordinary led matrix project.

    That being said, I have to admit that the layout and board looks nice… :-)

  2. I love coding and think it is great but the hour of code and getting it into schools to be mandatory is just stupid. when over 80% of nyc graduates are not even literate what the heck will an hour of code do for them except give them another hour to play angry birds. Our education system needs a big overhaul before anything like this could even be thought of. Dumbest idea ever at this point in time.


  3. Could anybody explain to me how that android door opening system works? I don’t understand how the phone is sending signals to the arduino or why that channel cannot be used both ways instead of the QR code.

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