Bomb Clock Scares You Awake!

Bomb Clock Scares You Awake

What better way to wake up than by fearing your impending explosion if you don’t hit the correct snooze combination! This is the DEVESTATOR (Translated), [Jacek’s] latest fun project, straight from Poland.

As an avid paintball and airsoft fan, [Jacek] wanted to build a unique clock — so he decided to make his own classic dynamite stick bomb… clock. He’s using a ATmega8 microcontroller at the heart of the project with both a DS1307 RTC and a DS1820 temperature sensor, because just for kicks, the clock also monitors ambient temperature!

To add to the realism of the project he also designed the PCB from scratch using Eagle CAD, which allowed him to make  the whole thing look even more threatening. To actually make the PCB he used the laminate thermal transfer method. The four buttons on the PCB allow you to scroll through the date, time, temperature, and set alarm times.

Oh and the “dynamite”? Paper towel rolls covered in red tape.

25 thoughts on “Bomb Clock Scares You Awake!

      1. “As an avid paintball and airsoft fan…” I was expecting to read that it was wired up to an paint grenade or an airsoft gun. That would get me out of bed in the morning for sure.

    1. Or have the wires plug into sockets and every morning it’s a different sequence of unplugging to turn off the alarm. Is it red green blue or blue green red this morning. Make yanking them all at once triple the alarms volume,

    2. I prefer “The Abyss” take on defusing a bomb – While looking at the bomb under a yellow-green chemical light “Cut the blue wire with a white stripe, not the black wire with a yellow stripe.”

    1. Unlike Mexico it doesn’t have a neighbouring country that imports metric shittons of drugs and exports equal amounts of weapons to it, so theres a slightly higher chance that things wil change for the better in Poland. ;)

      1. Only a small fraction of the guns in Mexico have come from the USA. Most of them come from Russia, China and other countries on the other side of the world, funneled through Cuba or up through Central America.

        Funny thing how Mexico’s super restrictive gun laws don’t work at all to keep criminals from having as many as they want – and that the villages with the lowest crime and drug problems have armed their people.

        The police and the army can’t be everywhere all the time, and many of them are working for the drug lords. The armed, law abiding citizens are always there and always ready to shoot any criminal daring to cause trouble, so they stay away from villages where they *know for certain* they’ll get shot at because the government has let them stay armed.

        The crime problem became so bad in Mexico because the government disarmed the law abiding citizens, and to state the bleedin obvious for the umpty-billionth time, criminals don’t obey such silly things as laws saying they can’t have guns.

        Criminals are the problem, not guns. Criminals love gun ban laws and the mentally deranged especially love gun free zones – even when they’re planning to kill themselves – because they know they’ll have a free run for quite a while before anyone can get there to shoot them. Gun Free Zone signs may as well say Target Rich Environment.

    1. Accuracy of the DS1307 is usually dependent on the accuracy of the crystal you’re using. Bad crystal oscillators can lose several seconds in a single day. Some crystals also require a load capacitor to ensure accuracy.

  1. Awesome build, reminds me of a ‘bomb’ i made for a friend who turned 24 and was a fan of the eponymous series. It was covered in and filled with rusty nails, had the series’ orange numbers on it and the mandatory bleep, controlled by two LDRs. Packed in its cardboard box, the bomb would produce a slow beep. When unpacking, more and more light would hit the LDR’s, making the beep faster and higher.

    I put the cardboard box – saying “Happy Birthday..?” – on my friend’s doorstep, rang and run, only to see a police van surveilling the streets a couple of minutes later… Thank God for concerned neighbors!

  2. Ah, a beter way to wake up you ask? How about gently, afreshed and feeling you have enough time for some coffee before you conquer the world.
    The person using this as an alarm clock must really hate his future self when he goes to sleep and sets this.

  3. Can he put a red lens on this thing so it’s not so annoying? Hurts my eyes.

    And a spring loaded “explosion” would add to the fun. Maybe old lego parts??

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