Stylish Cafe Battlestation Spoils Customers

Cafe Battlestation

[Tasos] sent us this tip about the custom battlestation he’s been working on for his Internet café. (Greek; Translated). The desk started from humble enough beginnings: a simple frame from what appears to be MDF with cabinets to secure the PCs. The goal with this build was to provide an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly construction. [Tasos] was dissatisfied with the limitations posed by off-the-shelf monitor mounts, so he fabricated his own, more adjustable alternatives, through which he ran the necessary cords.

[Tasos] gave each monitor stand a thorough sanding, priming and painting for a finished result that exudes metallic perfection, then he attached a large pushbutton for booting the computer and some LEDs to provide soft backlight. Under the hood, [Tasos] fitted the PCs’ innards into a custom enclosure of sorts. Though he’s yet to provide full details on this part of the construction, we suspect more images are forthcoming. You can find more details in his forum post.

7 thoughts on “Stylish Cafe Battlestation Spoils Customers

  1. Glad to see he remembered soft backlighting. Without, it will cause eye strain over time. Internet Cafés are a dying race many places which is kind of a shame. I remember the glory days, pulling all nighters to play diablo II and SC II with friends face to face.

    1. Agreed. The Google translation wasn’t the best, so I had trouble working out some of his comments, but it seems like his last setup suffered from the customers either unconsciously kicking at the PCs under the table or something similar, hence these big panels.

      Hopefully this one lasts for a long time.

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