Smart Hat Puts Your Head In The Game

man wearing a diy head mounted display


[Arvind] has dropped his hat in the game of head mounted displays. With Google Glass pushing $1,500, it’s only natural for hackers to make a cheaper alternative. [Avind’s] $80 version might not be pretty, but it gets the job done.

Using a Raspberry Pi loaded with speech recognition software, a webcam, 2.5 inch LCD display and a handful of other parts, [Arvind’s] hat mounted display allows him to view email, Google Maps, videos or just about anything he wants.

An aspheric loupe magnifier lens lets him see the display even though it sits around 5cm from his eye. No outside light is allowed in. Only the guts of the webcam were used to give him the video and microphone. We’ve seen other head mounted displays before, and this one adds to the growing collection. Be sure to check out [Arvinds] site for a tutorial on how to build your own, and catch a video of it in action after the break.




8 thoughts on “Smart Hat Puts Your Head In The Game

  1. During the first make of a product no matter how bulky or ugly it looks as long as it works as intended than the look and aesthetic part comes after. But so far nice job man we need more people making hacks.

  2. how much does this weight? Wouldn’t this be a little uncomfortable to wear for a while. size and weight should be a priority in something meant to be worn for a long time

  3. I wouldn’t mind Arvind walking around with his Borg HUD. Some custom pcb’s and he could have a nice polished look and lighter weight. I think he already meets the criteria for a Kickstarter. Good job. thanks for sharing.

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