DJ Light Box Grooves To The Beat

During a Product Design class, [Oscar de la Hera] designed and built an LED light box that responds to music — and looks good doing it!

He carefully constructed the box out of Oak with a one-way mirror top, enclosing a 6 x 6 matrix array of NeoPixels. Behind the panel is an Arduino Uno which uses an MSGEQ7 chip and two audio jacks to take in an audio signal and create a light show. When the lights are off, it looks like a fancy little mirror — but when you turn on the music it becomes alive.

If you’re curious on how it was made, or if you want to make your own, there’s a full tutorial on how to make your own over at Instructables — and don’t forget to take a look at it in action after the break!

While it’s done for now, [Oscar] plans to add Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery in version 2. A similar project using the MSGEQ7 made us giggle when we wrote about it, and again after recalling it today — if you like butts, you’ll love this sound-reactive-musical-light-butt-lamp.

2 thoughts on “DJ Light Box Grooves To The Beat

  1. really nice build, lovely enclosure and finishing! Somewhat ruined by the LEDs not being in line underneath unfortunately, but that’s easily fixed,
    As for the music @regrev, not my cup of tea either, but it has a good spread of frequencies without being to ‘busy’, and a regular beat, so its pretty good for demonstration purposes.

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