$50k In Play: Awarding 65 Stickvise This Week

Pushing your circuit boards around the bench while trying to solder the components is a fools game. Clamp that board in place with a Stickvise you won from Hackaday! This week we’ll choose 65 projects to receive one of these PCB clamps. You must submit your project as a Hackaday Prize entry to be eligible. Do it now and you’ll be considered for our weekly prizes all summer long — they total $50,000 that we’re putting into your hands.

We’re particularly proud of the Stickvise story. It was posted as a project on Hackaday.io and immediately caught our eye as an interesting idea. We worked with [Alex Rich] as he made his way through the process of getting it ready for manufacturing and it just became available in the Hackaday Store.

Regarding your entry to win one: find a problem facing your community and start a project that helps to solve it. We’ve seen many great entries so far, but with so many prizes your chances of winning are still really good! We recommend adding a project log each week that discusses your progress and perhaps mentions what you would use the Stickvise for while progressing toward a working prototype. Even if you don’t think your idea can win one of the big prizes, a great idea and solid write up is definitely a contender for our $50k in Play weekly prizes. Just look at the projects that won last week:

Last Week’s 20 Winners of a Bulbdial Clock Kit


Congratulations to these 20 projects who were selected as winners from last week. You will receive a Bulbdial Clock Kit. It takes the concept of a sundial and recreates it using different colors of LEDs for each hand of the clock. This is our favorite soldering kit. It ventures a bit away from our mission of awarding tools and supplies to help with your entry, but sometimes you just need to have some fun!

Each project creator will find info on redeeming their prize as a message on Hackaday.io.

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

11 thoughts on “$50k In Play: Awarding 65 Stickvise This Week

    1. Thanks. I just bought 4 100w solar panels two days ago for charging. This will form a canopy over the driver for shade/rain. Now I just need to figure out a way to get them from Kampala to South Sudan.

    1. They give out a coupon code for the prizes. In theory, you could buy gift card(s) from the store with that instead. This prize is just a few cents shy of $100, so not sure if they let you have store credits.

      The prize which is not too useful for me for either form as spare parts or as a clock. My import tax/duty/fees for the prize is easily $30, so that’s why I would rather have the logic analyzer instead. Technically the prize is a gift and it might save me some taxes as the exemption is a bit higher if it is labeled as such..

    1. Standard jaws are nylon 6/6, they don’t melt really easily in testing, stand up fairly well to hot air. Would not stick in an oven. If you use a neck down adapter on your heat gun to direct air accurately that helps too. If you win a Stickvise test it and let me know how it works for you, maybe I will offer peek or hdpe accessory jaws in the future.

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