Hackaday Links: September 27, 2015

Many moons ago, [Joe Grand] built an adapter that turns Atari 2600 joysticks to USB controllers. Now it’s open source.

Hackaday Overlord [Matt] is holding an SMT and BGA soldering workshop in San Francisco on October 4th. Teaching BGA soldering? Yes! He made a board where the BGA balls are connected to LEDs. Very, very clever.

Our ‘ol friend [Jeremey Cook] built a strandbeest out of MDF. It’s huge, heavy, about the size of a small car, and it doesn’t work. [Jeremy] has built beests before, but these were relatively small. The big MDF beest is having some problems with friction, and a tendency to shear along the joints. If anyone wants to fix this beest, give [Jeremy] a ring.

Everyone loves the Teensy, and [Paul] has released his latest design iteration. The Teensy 3.2 isn’t that much different from the Teensy 3.1; the bootloader has changed and now USB D+ and D- lines are broken out. Other than that, it’s just the latest iteration of the popular Teensy platform.

The DyIO is a pretty neat robotics controller, a semifinalist for the Hackaday Prize, and now a Kickstarter. The big win of the Kickstarter is an electronics board (with WiFi) that is able to control 24 servos for all your robotics needs.

[pighixxx] does illustrations of pinouts for popular electronics platforms. Everyone needs a hobby, I guess. He recently put together an illustration of the ESP8266. Neat stuff is hidden deep in this site.

You would not believe how much engineering goes into making snake oil. And then you need to do certifications!

[David] identified a problem, created a solution, got a patent, and is now manufacturing a product. The only problem is the name.

13 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: September 27, 2015

      1. I should be more specific.

        UHF RF can cause harm in large doses via heating – just like a microwave oven.

        But that’s at dozens or hundreds of watts ERP or more. Cell phones don’t do that.

  1. Is the knob gobbler UL tested for fire retardant when inserted into a noncombustible wall?
    Outlet boxes for even non line power are metal as medicine cabinets etc. There are plastic conduit boxes as well, but rated I assume. Other than that, a great idea. I have a hole myself. I have thought of a tuna can but no further. Good for moving pianos too.
    One problem, those handicap laws in Canada will have you using levers not knobs. I don’t know about US. Make a big enough round hole I guess.

  2. SMT IT is awesome, good for him.
    The DIY MDF Straand, too many shortcuts. Needs bearings (should be fine wit almost anything mass produced) and do a rough stress analysis to see where it’s breaking, unless it’s just mis-aligned. Rough cuts do that… Too few pics and too little info from the site- not going to bother with his utube. Initial pics look like he cared as he built it… CNC forever!
    DyIO looks promising. I know my uni has issues building ‘bots that aren’t straight from manufacturer. Should help them.
    I love the negging on the $30 (minimum) stickers for phones SAMSUNG AND iPHONE ONLY stickers. ROFL. stickers block RF right? That’ll protect your brain from harmful radiation from phones… wait…
    I hope knob gobbler got the patent on that thing. I hope he did it in earnest and isn’t doing a troll thing, it’s not a bad solution that I can’t remember seeing before. I know I’ll be implementing something like that when i build my house.

    1. Hey, I’m the guy working on the DyIO. We have Uni level curriculums ready to bo based around the DYIO. The first sales we made were to WPI for its Robotics Engineering program. If you can make an intro, I’d be happy to help them build a curriculum to suit their needs (independent of the kickstarter)

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