Amazing Workshops Of The SuperCon

We have been amazed by all of the talented people who submitted workshop proposals for the Hackaday SuperConference. With proposals made, and invitations accepted it’s time to announce the full slate of workshops you’ll find at this epic event.

For those just tuning in, Hackaday will host the hardware con you’ve been waiting for on November 14th and 15th at DogPatch Studios in San Francisco. The gorgeous venue will be packed with amazing people, both presenters and attendees. A single talk track will run the entire weekend while multiple workshops run on a different floor.

Put yourself in the middle of it all and be amazed by all we have in store. Apply for your ticket now!

Advanced Microcontroller-based Audio

In this hands-on workshop run by Teensy creator Paul Stoffregen, you’ll wire up parts on a breadboard to get them playing, synthesizing, and analyzing sounds in real-time. Bring a laptop computer capable of running the Arduino software. Some prior experience with Arduino is recommended.

Simple RF Circuit Design

Michael Ossmann will show specific examples from his own designs including Ubertooth One, HackRF One, and YARD Stick One. Participants with prior experience designing non-RF circuits should be able to walk out of this workshop with the ability to design boards to use RF transceiver ICs.

Intro to squeezing memory and performance from your processor

Jen Costillo will work through labs with you to focus on four common techniques: creating profiling tools to analyze your code; improving performance; lowering RAM usage; and lowering ROM usage. The labs will be a downloadable bundle on github. More info about this workshop is found on Rebelbot or at

Crowdsourcing Control with the ESP8266 Thing

Toni Klopfenstein will give a general overview of the ESP8266 Thing and show basics of creating circuits that can be controlled via WiFi. There will be an interactive demo that the entire audience can participate in controlling, to show the crowd-sourcing capabilities of IoT devices.

Kicad 101

A 4-hour version of Anool Mahidharia’s popular introduction to design your own 100% custom PCB using Kicad. This workshop is tailored for the electronic enthusiast who has been breadboarding circuits but has never used an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) / computer aided design (CAD) program.

USSSSSB: Talking USB From Python

2014 Hackaday Prize finalist Colin O’Flynn, will walk you through implementing a simple USB firmware project using an Atmel USB board.

Designing with Antimony for use with custom skeleton-physics simulations

Using the 3D design software Atimony, Erin Kennedy will show you how to use Antimony to design and then create a physics simulation to observe how the forces affect your object. You will also learn how to code your own scripts for Atimony. You’ll need a laptop with Atimony installed, and will be using Processing with the traer.physics library.

Learn Circuit Simulation using SPICE

Using LTspice (Windows) or NG Spice (Linux/ OSX), Tom Anderson will briefly go over what a simulation is and the common types (time domain, frequency domain, and noise). He’ll also explain how they work and what happens when you run them. Then you’ll have a chance to build simulations of an RC filter and find out how to simulate the time and frequency domains to show a Bode plot. You will also build simulations of an opamp using a voltage-controlled voltage source, plus other simulations. Come with your laptop and LTSpice or NG Spice installed.

On Saturday Night of the SuperCon we will announce the order of the top five 2015 Hackaday Prize finalists — this includes the Grand Prize winner who will win a trip into space. We will also reveal the winner of the Best Product award that carries prestige, $100,000 cash, and a residency at the Supplyframe Design Lab.

The 2015 Hackaday Prize challenged hackers, designers, and engineers to build something that matters. These builds solve problems faced by a large number or people. Many of the prototypes built as entries this year will be shown at the conference as their creators will be attendees and presenters. You can view the main field finalists as well as the Best Product finalists beforehand. If you have a lot of time on your hands, dig through all 900 entries!

Check out the talks and prize party announcement for more info. We will announce the full list of talks in the next few days.

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

12 thoughts on “Amazing Workshops Of The SuperCon

    1. Well, you should at least apply. It costs nothing to apply and the worst case scenario is the same as if you didn’t even try, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

      Likewise, maybe start doing something about not being a “well documenting hacker”? As you build your next project, even if it’s something simple, occasionally take some photos and write down some thoughts as you learn and make progress. You don’t have to make the world’s most amazing hack. The reality is so few people document stuff that the bar to making interesting content really isn’t very high.

      1. Paul,
        Maybe the “worst case scenario” is that he does apply, and the government will believe that he has somehow slipped under the radar of their “well documenting hacker” list and someday… they will come for him!

  1. +1 for workshop videos. Even though I’ll be at the conference, I can’t be in two workshops at once! This made for some tough choices, but if I can catch a second workshop post-conference that would be huge.

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