In Soviet Russia, Drink Serves You

There’s just something about having an automatic bartending machine that screams “we’re in the future now” — and it’s a future we approve of. This project is called the Alkomat (Google Translate), and it’s a handy little machine capable of mixing drinks for five people at a time.

Inspired by the RumBot, [Strn] wanted to practice his hand at hardware integration and product development from idea to creation — and just looking at some of the photos of this, he did a damn good job.

On the inside of Alkomat is a recycled inkjet XY carriage which can index on each of the five drinks. A series of four tubes feed up to peristaltic pumps that provide alcohol from the bar rack. Once he had the hardware sorted out and operational, he set out to make the machine look as presentable as possible. Using a mixture of counter-tops and laminated wood panels from furniture, he’s boxed up the whole thing and made it look like something you might actually be able to buy from a store — maybe IKEA?

Our favorite part is how he integrated a CD drive mechanism to actually slide the drinks forward for serving after they had been mixed. Check it out.

[Thanks for the tip Tirotron!]

10 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Drink Serves You

    1. It could, depends on the type of tubing. On some it will dissolve the plasticizers making the tube very brittle and finally making it crack. Probably unhealthy too. There is special tubing for ethanol.

  1. “a CD drive mechanism to actually slide the drinks forward”: There’s an old joke that circulated around the Internet about a tech support call where the user thought the CD tray was a cup holder. I guess now it is.

    1. Theres used to be a little javascript snippet on every single tutorial site for ‘a free cupholder’, untill somebody decided it was a bit too scary for javascript to be able to control hardware, and (afaik) the functionality has since been pulled.

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