Airsoft Sentry Gun Keeps Your House Guarded

Ever since automated turrets became a thing in video games, people have strived to make their own — let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want an automated defense turret? Well, [Austiwawa] just finished making a pretty awesome Airsoft gun turret, and decided to make a video tutorial on how he made it.

The inspiration comes from Project Sentry Gun, a long-standing website dedicated to teaching people how to make automated sentry gun turrets. We’ve seen projects use this to turn Nerf guns into turrets, and people have even made their own paintball gun sentry turrets.

Following along the build only takes about 5 minutes of your time and summarizes the process very concisely. We particularly like the main rotation axis — one RC servo motor and 4 casters make up a controllable lazy susan that reduces the load on the servo motor and allows you to mount a pretty big gun on the turret.

Maybe the Hackaday office should get around to making a few elastic band versions of these. It’s time to take office warfare to the next level. Don’t like people interrupting you in your cubicle? Feel safe and sound with a Portal themed rubber gun turret protecting your back!

17 thoughts on “Airsoft Sentry Gun Keeps Your House Guarded

        1. In the US, at least, that “every day” claim depends on how you mess with definitions. The reddit group that’s getting all the press with their relaxed definition of “mass shooting” wouldn’t get the numbers they’re getting if they used the long established FBI definition. But then that wouldn’t be nearly as sensational. As with hacking/engineering/manufacturing, standards & definitions matter.

  1. Its a shame the targetting algorythm was left out – you hardware guys think your so cool with your electronic bird feeders, but sight sensor based motor driving is damn cool – and hackaday doesnt respect it enough.

  2. Many years ago, a guy I worked with hooked up a paintball gun to a servo attached to his front door bell and invited a friend over to be the unwitting guinea pig.
    It worked great, but he had to do a lot of explaining and apologising to the postman.

  3. I think anybody thinking about building a “real” sentry gun now and putting up a video online about that showing his face, his home, his fingerprints or so ..

    Should think twice and seek legal counsil, remember the trouble the “drone shooter” might have gotten till they figured out, that there was no law that could have been broken or interpreted accordingly. (gladly!)

    And think about law makers are quick when they recognize somebody had legal fun they turn the laws to make it an illegal fun, without someone knowing!

    1. “And think about law makers are quick when they recognize somebody had legal fun they turn the laws to make it an illegal fun, without someone knowing!” That sounds horrible. Can you cite some examples?

  4. Anyone with a garden (and I see one covered in light fencing in the author’s video) has considered this to fight the squirrel hoard, and their minions (the rabbits and chipmonks), away from their veggies.
    This year most of my crop went to the local critter population.

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