Beautiful Weather Station Uses Acrylic, RGB LED, And And ESP8266

Everyone knows there’s form and there’s function. It isn’t fair, but people do judge on appearance, sometimes even overriding all other concerns. So while your Makerspace buddies might be impressed by your weather station built on a breadboard, your significant other probably isn’t. [Dennisv15] took an ordinary looking weather station design with a 0.96″ display and turned into an attractive desk piece with a much larger display and an artistic–and functional–enclosure.

The acrylic cloud lights up thanks to an RGB LED Neopixel strip and can indicate weather trends at a glance: red for warmer, blue for colder, flashing for inclement weather. The project was truly multidisciplinary, using a laser cutter to produce the body and the stand, a 3D-printed display bezel, and a PCB to make it easy to build.

The station can read the inside temperature and humidity and also reads the outside temperature and pressure, along with local forecast data from an Internet service. The original weather station design from [Daniel Eichhorn] provided all of that and an ESP8266 provides the network connectivity. You can see a video of the project in action, below.

We have seen plenty of weather stations, including many wireless ones. We can’t remember seeing a better looking one, though.

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Weather Station Uses Acrylic, RGB LED, And And ESP8266

      1. I see what you mean. I wrote that because I mean that an hack it is something like reusing a wifi module born for, let me say a dummy example, a router. An ESP is instead born for any kind of project like that. Or another example, reusing a phone display is an hack, buying a general purpose display, means the realization of a project, not an hack. For that reason I shall call it a nice project rather than a hack. But as said previoulsy, maybe I have understand something bad, and this was only a concept punctualization.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice project. But seems to not reuse or modify things just to call it an hack. It should be called a very nice project, rather than a very nice hack. There is a bit difference. But maybe I have misunderstood something.

    1. In addition, he is using a laser cut acrylic bezel for the screen, not a 3D printed bezel. He provides the STL if someone is making this and chooses to use a 3D printed one instead. He chose to use the acrylic because it is more refined.

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