Build A Replica Apple ///

[Mr. Name Required] pointed us to a great video on the modeling of a replica Apple /// to the small scale needed to contain a Raspberry Pi by [Charles Mangin].

[Mr. Name] pointed out that the video was a great example of the use of reference photos for modeling. [Charles] starts by finding the references he needs for the model. Google image search and some Apple history websites supplied him with the required images.

He modeled the Apple /// in Autodesk 123. It has sketch tools, but he chose to craft the paths in iDraw and import them into the software. This is most likely due to the better support for boolean combination tools in vector editing software. Otherwise he’d have to spend hours messing with the trim tool.

Later in the video he shows how to change the perspective in photographs to get a more¬†orthographic view of an object. Then it’s time for some heavy modeling. He really pushes 123 to its limit.

The model is sent off for professional 3D printing to capture all the detail. Then it’s some finishing work and his miniature Apple /// is done. Video after the break.

15 thoughts on “Build A Replica Apple ///

  1. That is mad skills. But I was a bit disappointed about the size and that it was just all plastic. I expected it to be a bit bigger and also having a real (mini) keyyboard in it. And maybe a rpi running an emulator inside….

  2. +1 For Cad skills
    +1 for nice time lapse of start to finish copying a product (insight into quick IP copying?)
    +1 moving parts !are you kidding me
    +0 movie magic or first print?
    Can the author do a C64 next? i would just love to see the video,the C64 breadbin curves excite me.

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