Case Modding The Old School Way

Since the release of the Raspberry Pi, the hallowed tradition of taking game consoles, ripping all the plastic off, and stuffing the components into nice, handheld form factors has fallen off the wayside. That doesn’t mean people have stopped doing it, as [Akira]’s masterful handiwork shows us.

This casemod began with a Nintendo GameCube ASCII keyboard controller, a slightly rare GameCube controller that features a full keyboard smack dab in the middle. While this keyboard controller was great for Phantasy Star Online and throwing at the TV after losing Smash, the uniqueness of this controller has outshadowed its usefulness. [Akira] began his build by ripping out the keyboard and installing a 7 inch LCD. It fits well, and makes for a very unique GameCube case mod.

The rest of the build is about what you would expect – the motherboard for a PAL GameCube is stuffed inside, a quartet of 18650 batteries provide the power, and the usual mods – a memory card is soldered to the motherboard and an SD Gecko allows homebrew games and emulators to be played.

The completed project is painted with the same theme as [Samus Arans]’ Varia suit, making this a one of a kind casemod that actually looks really, really good.

11 thoughts on “Case Modding The Old School Way

    1. But it was made for real! :P

      Seconded; very professional looking job on the case.
      The back side looks really great, as good as the front.

      The jumper wires look like they could eventually be a problem, but maybe not.

      1. Yes, but it’s also in the wrong aspect ratio. That’s one of my pet hates when it comes to projects like this, or indeed older games in general – most of them were before widescreen was a thing & just look *wrong* when stretched. Yet people still do it.

        Unfortunately widescreen LCD panels are the norm now & 4×3 is harder to get.

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